MTJA members aboard the Rockin Thunder Jet Boat. Photo courtesy of April Cole and Visit Frankfort.

MTJA Active and Associate members have the opportunity to attend two conferences each year — one in the spring and one in fall. Destinations vary from Midwestern sites within our 13-state membership area to farther locales throughout the United States; all conferences also include opportunities for pre- and post-tours.

MTJA Active Members write for nearly 300 publications, blogs and broadcasts, including major magazines such as Midwest Living, AAA Publications and National Geographic Traveler; newspapers including the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today and Minneapolis Star Tribune; and blogs. Many members also post and contribute frequently to new and social media including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Hosting costs incurred pay for themselves through a return on investment through ongoing stories and coverage generated by attendees.

MTJA is the nation’s only professional travel writing association that strictly enforces a policy of limiting membership to no more than one PR professional (Associate) for every two to three writers (Actives). This 2/3-to-1 ratio helps guarantee a majority of Actives at each Convention. And, MTJA strictly enforces a policy of annual requalification for all Active members. Actives must verify their production of work to a review committee each year. Associate members or PR firms within the Midwest add value as networking partners and as promoters of host destinations via industry events, blogs, Facebook posts and word of mouth.

Host site perks:

Destinations chosen to host a future MTJA meeting are invited to send one rep to the meeting held immediately prior to their conference. The opportunity to spur interest and to experience an MTJA meeting first-hand is invaluable. Promotion typically takes place at the MTJA business meeting and may include a short personal invitation and video presentation. The future host rep also may participate in the Media Marketplace event to network with Active members. In addition, the future host will be invited to send a rep to the two meetings immediately following yours to maintain contact with MTJA members.

Future/past host representatives register and pay Associate member rates for conference registration, transportation, lodging and incidentals.

Future site hosts are promoted in MTJA’s monthly newsletter and our members-only Facebook page beginning about six months prior to the convention hosted. Additionally, a recap including copy and images about attendees’ experiences at the destination is included in the newsletter immediately following the convention hosted.

Future site hosts are provided with a complimentary copy of MTJA’s Directory, which lists contact info for all members and a list of outlets for which they write.

To learn more about opportunities to host a future MTJA conference, please contact:

Kathy Witt, Sites Director


Upcoming MTJA conference sites and dates:
Spring 2018 — Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 11 to 15, 2018

Fall 2018 — Atlanta’s Dekalb County, Georgia
Oct. 31 to Nov. 4, 2018


Past MTJA conference sites and dates:
Fall 2017 — Lafayette, Louisiana
Oct. 11 to 15, 2017

Spring 2017 — Frankfort, Kentucky
May 17 to 21, 2017

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