Active Members

Active Members are staff and independent editors, writers, broadcasters, freelance journalists, new media producers and photojournalists residing within the Association’s membership area who earn income from the creation of travel-related editorial content for newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television and/or electronic outlets. (Excluded work includes advertorials and copy for promotional brochures, i.e., content paid for and approved by advertisers or sponsoring organizations.)

Classes of Active Members include:

  • Salaried editors shall be responsible for travel-related content for a newspaper, magazine or specialty travel publication with an audited circulation of at least 10,000 and shall provide proof of employment in that position.
  • Staff writers or freelance contributors shall have published and been paid for a minimum of five travel articles within the previous calendar year in publications with minimum audited circulations of at least 10,000 (one article may be from an unaudited publication), or one travel book with a minimum press run of 5,000 copies within the one-year period. Co-bylined articles will be accepted from new applicants and from renewing members; there must be a minimum of two authors’ names listed on the published article.
  • Broadcast journalists should submit a letter from the management of stations that carry their programs detailing program length, how often the program airs, call letters, size of audience, how long the program has run and confirm the applicant is paid for the program. Applicants must submit five cassettes, DVD or CD air-checks.
  • Other Journalists: MTJA is currently reviewing membership qualification criteria for journalists who work in multiple venues and/or specialize in new media, social media, websites, blogs, apps, online video, podcasts, specialty or custom publications, or other legitimate outlets and venues. When this review is complete, MTJA will publish updated qualification criteria on our website and will make it available by request from our administrative office.

Applicants for MTJA Active Membership must submit:

  1. Completed MTJA 2017 Active Membership Application
  2. Two Sponsor Forms (sponsors may submit forms directly to the MTJA Administrative Office)
  3. Supporting materials as detailed above depending on class of active membership
  4. A $50 non-refundable application fee
  5. A one-page letter detailing your work and experience in professional journalism, length of time in the travel-writing field, percentage of time devoted to travel journalism, and any other pertinent information about your education and/or work in the travel or journalism fields.
  6. OPTIONAL – Other applicable information such as travel-related honors, awards and affiliations.

Omission of any of these required items will result in the return of your application and prolong or negate the consideration process.

Please submit all materials by mail to:
Midwest Travel Journalists Association, Inc.
Administrative Office
902 S. Randall Rd., Suite C311
St. Charles, IL 60174

Each application is considered in the context of MTJA’s current needs, size, geographic distribution and determination of quality. Acceptance is made upon review and recommendation by the Membership Committee with final approval by the MTJA Board. Membership is not automatically awarded when the requirements on the application form are met but is at the discretion of the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors.

Applicants should be aware that all applications receive a thorough and careful review, a process that can take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks or more depending on receipt of all materials, the ability of our committees and board to review, verify, evaluate and act. We will confirm receipt of applications as quickly as possible, and move expeditiously to maximize opportunities for new members to attend upcoming MTJA meetings.

Applicants will be notified about the results of the review process in a timely manner. Those accepted will be considered MTJA members in good standing only after payment of dues in the amount of $125 if membership is accepted between Jan, 1 and June 30; $62.50 if membership is accepted between July 1 and Dec, 31. Membership renewal thereafter is effective for a one-year period from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.

To download the MTJA Application for Active Membership form, CLICK HERE.

Questions about Active Membership qualifications or criteria? Please contact:
Active Vice-President, Amy Lynch at 317-902-4383 or

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